Hussam Habib

Hi! I research online radicalization and moderation. My work includes measuring social media's influence on user behavior using a combination of social science theories, natural language processing and statistical analysis.
I am entering my fifth year as a PhD student at The University of Iowa in Computer Science advised by Dr. Rishab Nithyanand; working in the SPARTA lab and a member of Algorithms and Culture Research Group.

Jul 2023

Learned how to swim.

Jun 2023

Presented @ ICWSM23.

May 2023

Served as a reviewer for AEJMC.

May 2023

Conducted an ML workshop for REU NSF.   

May 2023

Recived travel grant for PETS 2023.

Mar 2023

Paper Accepted "Morbid Realities" @ ICWSM 23

Sep 2022

Received Graduate College Post-Comp Research Fellowship @ UIowa

Jun 2022

Presented @ ICWSM22

Apr 2022

Attended CHI22

Mar 2022

Paper Accepted "Making a Radical Misogynist" @ CSCW 22

Mar 2022

Paper Accepted "Fourth Estate" @ ICWSM 22

Jan 2022

Featured in Dare to Discover @ UIowa

Nov 2021

Paper Accepted "Act or React" @ ICWSM 22

Sep 2021

Presented our work "Act or React" @ LUMS

Jun 2021

Attended ICWSM 21

Aug 2019

Started my PhD @ UIowa

May 2019

Left TPI Lab @ LUMS